Tuesday, August 30, 2005

when you bike around...

Taking Marylou's bike has been one of my favorite activities. The weather permitting, I've been going around town since I'm here.
I was meeting Marylou today to have lunch at her work... Oh my, the best cafeteria ever with at least 10 choices for each course! crazy. Duck confit for 3euros!!! good and cheap! the nougat glacé was also really good with dried figs instead of fruits confits...I'll have to try this. Marylou works for Cartier International and they are really nice to their employees by offering such quality food for a very low price. I'm sure Jamie Oliver would like to see this menu for his school dinners... haha. Anyway, after that, I biked all the way to the 13th to meet up with some co-workers for the apero, where they announced to me that I was taking Camille's place at the tartes...(more on that later). The bad news was that I had to bike all the way back home, it took me 1h45 and actually turned to be quite interesting. I finally crossed an Eric Kayser boulangerie/pâtisserie!(www.maison-kayser.com) I had maybe one of the worst croissants in Paris... but the Malesherbes baguette is quite something. A wholewheat flour baguette, thick crust, elastic mie...mmmmmmmmmmmmm keeping some for dessert with chestnut spread...
But before I landed on one of the 8 Kayser shops, I randomly took this street which is apparently famous for it's markets, the reason I was probably drawned to it. Rue Mouffetard in the 5th. I got off my bike, considering the amount of people in the narrow inverse traffic... anyway, and I found this new Pâtisserie Gastronomique... Xavier Le Quéré. (who is this?!?!?) I couldn't make their website work(www.xavierlequere.com) but I googled it and found this girl who had a nice post on july 14th.. (www.movable-feast.com). I'll try to go there very soon to try these ones out. Anyway so the pastry shop seems to be in the same stream as PH and Aoki, but with lower then your corner bakery price! really, very nice things for MUCH cheaper! Their individual portions seemed to be around 3euros, max! compared to almost 6 euros for a lemon tart at PH! The presentation is very 'nette' and there are little ceramic bowls with chocolate mousse, and yes(!), they use Valrhona. Interesting, and hopefully more to report on this guy.
I called Colette at Pierre Hermé today and I start thursday at Bonaparte, doing the tarts... I'm horrified! Les tartes!!! AH!!!!! Now I'm stressed, I have to do this right, and quick enought. I'm really happy because it is an interesting poste, but this also means more pressure...yikes!
I saw one of the macaronier yesterday and he was saying that the white truffle macarons were starting very shortly! (I thought it was more around november) There is also a special one to be done this week, only 3000 for Calvin Klein's new perfume launch. (ouain, jet set pas mal...) anyway, cassis, violette and amber(?!?) with caudurin on it to make it pretty in pink.
On anothe note, I think we found a new owner for the cat. Marylou thinks she's allergic...


Blogger Matthew said...

You're so funny with all the food talk. I don't recall food being all you thought about before ITHQ, but apparently it's your life now. I want to come over so we can go out to eat.

11:03 p.m.  

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