Tuesday, December 27, 2005

X-Mas in Paris

So Christmas was nice, but I was exausted! I worked a lot the weekd before St-Nick day. I celebrated half awake at Julien,s parent's just outside of Paris, in Osny. We had the réveillon, a good meal consisting of a lot of seafood and foie gras. The next day was more foie gras with scallops(seafood again). On the 25th at night, Marylou and I had Julien and Aurélie over with ML's dad ans a new friend of mine who is in Paris for a few months Alexia, a Montréalaise. It was a nice closing meal, with ONCE AGAIN foie gras(!), and some magret de canard. So I guess it's common for the french to have foie gras... oh and smoked salmon was also popular. It was all good! It wasn't family, but almost. I can say I have few real friends in Paris, but they are great. The next day was a classic movie day after christmas with the roomate, it was great. And now back to work. Festivities again later this week, going to ML's friend cottage to celebrate the upcomming new year. Jolly.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Party

So I'm still not in the Christmas spirit, there's no x-mas Frank Sanatra songs playing in the house and no 41cm of snow outside! Oh well, Marylou tried her best by having a x-mas tree, and some x-mas sent by crabtree and evelyn! We had a party saturday and it was fun! mostly ML's friends, but some of mine came and I was happy! Camille, Fabien and Jonathan from work, and Jean from Montreal! He's a friend of a friend who studies in Paris for 2 yrs. I'm jalous cause Vanessa is heading back to Mtl, and I'm not! She's bringing some gifts for me so that's nice! and a 15 lbs book! anyway, I think christmas will not happen for me this year, oh well, it will be around next year...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

christmas lights

So for the past two weeks, we've been working extra hours helping out the chocolatiers. And today was 12 hours, painfull! at least we ate lunch this time... anyway, so I got off work,tired, and walked around for two metro stations(to relax a little before going in the jam packed metro), and I'm realising how pretty is the area of my work. There is white X-Mas lights over this narrow street that are attached to the roofs of opposite buildings, to make a garland(?), so pretty!, it made me feel better. Anyway, Paris is nice, even without snow.. Ok, I'm beat and ganna make some Coquilles St-Jacques, they are in season and so delicious! Simply fry them 1 minute each side in butter, and garlic, too tired to make more sophisticated.. next time!