Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jam session #1

So I went to the place d'Aligre market on sunday. Huge, and oh my, so many people! Squashes and apples are starting to appear... I finally reached the end of the market where I found 'deals'. A box full of figs(which are now rare to find!) and white peaches for 4euros, sweet! Monday: jam day! For a first timer, it turned out not so bad! Fig and cinnamon jam(and a little of maple syrup); and some white peach jam whith some white wine, almonds and vanilla bean. Excellent on Poilâne bread, my favorite campagne miche up to now. (Thinking of you Michelle!)

Work is good, getting very hectic though. 10 hour days..I can't imagine how Christmas is going to be! M. Hermé comes to the lab to say hi almost every day now. He smiles and says 'Bonjour Mademoiselle', I still don't think he knows my name... I still feel so intimitaded by him! Oh god, and today he passed a comment on how I didn't put enough pineapple on the Mogador tart..ouch! Tomorow must be perfect! He checks the products almost every day. That's a really good thing, he passes comments to the chef Emmanuel as much positive as negative, always striving for better products. He's got into the marketing side of the business, but seeing him at work, shows that he still really cares about the quality of the products going out in the boutique. That's good.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

24 JB!

Jack Bauer! your going to save the world! ah, ML and I are now hooked on the second season of 24... monday we were both off and watched 4 episodes... and last night we managed to do 8! yeah, pathetic... haha

Anyway, so I was off today, took it easy, and decided to go back at that Xavier Lequéré pastry shop,in the 5th. I bought 2 lovely pastries, pine nut tart with apricot confiture, and a vanilla macaron-rasberry confiture-mures-carré de fromage blanc. It was all vey good, smaller portions than what we usually see, but still bigger than petits fours. Mouffetard street is a rue marchande. Many cheese shops, small restaurants, flowers, boulangeries, boucheries, marché de fruits... ah, the mushrooms are out. Unfortunatly I don't like mushrooms, but for those who like chanterelles, portobello... and figs, the're everywhere! The street is so narrow and charming!

So back to Jack tonight, it's the only man in this appartment these days... hahaha!

Xavier Le Quéré, 121 rue Mouffetard,75005 Paris

Friday, September 16, 2005

Le lard lyrique

So I go to the CIDJ, a center for young people in Paris, and I'm in front of a white board with names of plays and dates. I finally choose, le Lard Lyrique, randomly of course because I don't know any of the theaters listed or any of these plays/shows -there,s so many!-, and get Aurélie and Julien to come with me. hey, it's free tickets! the Mairie de Paris gives out theater places for free or max 10 euros for people -28. Anyway, so it ended up being one great hour. In a little cafe-theatre, we were maybe 12 people watching this oversize woman(you may think she's a man at first sight), talking an interacting with her small audiance. It was HIIILAAAAAAARIOUSSSSSSSSS! now I want to go every week!

So the new collection came out at work, called once again DÉSIRS. A lot of work! It's fun that we change the products. A new passionfruit, ginger, pinneaple chocolate tart. Really pretty, and good! It's the only new thing for me... The mont-blanc will fallow. I'll try and borrow my roomates camera and take pictures!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In 3 days...

So I tasted the white truffle-hazelnut macaron of Pierre Hermé, and I don't think it's my thing... maybe because I'm not a mushroom fan to start with, but none of my coworkers like it either, so maybe I'm not that off... Staying with the Olive Oil macaron as being my favorite. Nothing new besides that on the food side. As for paris in general, well I've been to a very interesting exposition at the Centre Georges Pompidou on design. They call it D-Day. New efficient practical solutions for third-world countries, and today's design in general. I don't think I ever stayed so long in a museum before. Anyway, for 5euros, totally worth it. I also went to the Palais de Tokyo yesterday. Interesting, but sometimes I don't get contemporary art... I'm ashamed... but I guess I just let it go and not try to understand, just enjoy.
I also went to the only used english book store in Paris in the 6th, and got a Hemingway book. I try to alternate with some of Marylou's french classics... I can't loose my english!!!
OMG, my sister is getting married in 3 days!