Tuesday, November 15, 2005

For Matthew

I was also confused when I first saw a Kaki(Persimmon). A fruit, first grown in China, but now found in many other countries, like Partugal, the reason I had some in my appartment. My roomate's father(portuguese), brought a bunch about 1 month ago, and they were good! They have to be really soft, they feel so fragile when thay are ripe enough to eat, they feel like a water balloon that's about to explode...There are other variations, where the skin and flesh are firmer, but I prefer the slimmy ones. Carefull, they are messy when you take the skin off! You can make eat them like that, make fools, puddings, or many other things can be done. They can be found around fall time, september-october usually. They look like tomatoes, a little more orange and the leafs look like the ones that would be on a giant strawberry like a little hat. Anyway, they are not my favorite, but a different fruit is you want to try something new!


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